Covering the Earth with the Glorious Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the Lord Jesus Christ

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Jesus Crusade Healing Revival Church, Lockport NY

JCHRC is a non-denominational Pentecostal/Evangelistic church.  It is a place of worship where the word of the living God is taught.  A place where Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord of the people of God.  This church is also an assembly where by the Lord Holy Ghost is recognized and feared as the owner of this body of believers.

This body is a prophetic healing movement of the Lord to bring great revival to the Upstate New York community.

This Assembly has the mandate of the Lord to teach and prepare the thousands of inner city youth and families for the Kingdom of God.  The people of God in this church are not only members, but faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

Wherever you are join us in our All Night Services every Friday night from 9PM to 5AM EST.

Alfred Johnson Gyapanin Amooh, Senior Overseer

Jesus of Nazareth Medical Center - Cape Coast, Ghana

Jesus of Nazareth University College is a charismatic, Pentecostal/Evangelistic, Christian institution.  The institution was born upon the power of the spoken word of God and the power of the Blood of Jesus through prayer.  Jesus of Nazareth University was born in the year 2010 in Jedy-Mankessim, central region of Ghana, West Africa.

In its first year, the university has an enrollment of 360 students.  This institution was the heart of the community where it was born, and a blessing to the nation of Ghana at large and other African nations.

The first human on earth were created by God as adults, and as a decree of God, every generation after who would be future leaders start as infants, into young hood, and then adults.

The university has the mandate of God to prepare the youth of Ghana and other African nations as spirit filled leaders whose heart are circumcised to fill the gap in all sectors.  As the Lord Jesus Christ put it, “very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed.  But if it dies it produces many seeds.” John 12:24.  For this reason, and other infrastructure issues, the institution went on hold to resume.

Jesus of Nazareth University, which the people call as “God’s University” will be coming back.

Jesus of Nazareth University College - Ghana / West Africa


This is a non-denominational Apostolic Pentecostal and Evangelistic movement of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This ministry was first called “Freedom of Christ Healing Crusade Ministry”, but a day in May 1985 at 3AM, the Master, the Son of God the Lord Jesus Christ supernaturally visited his servant Alfred Gyapanin Amooh in a home in the city of Pasadena California and changed the ministry name and provided him a new ministry name on a beautiful banner entitled “Jesus Crusade, There is no one like Jesus, The Unchanged One”.

He said to his servant, “from this day this shall be the name and the banner of your ministry.  Our mission is only to live for God with a faithful heart, and to cover the earth with his spoken word, the healing power of Christ Jesus, in that we might build the Kingdom and the Throne of God in the hearts of all mankind.

Day and Night this ministry seeks opportunities to peach Christ Jesus in great miracles, salvation, and healing crusades around the world.  This ministry also teaches the unsaved through street and outreach ministry, house to house visits, prison outreach, hospital visits, elementary schools, high schools, universities, public buses, trains, and market places.

God’s servant, Alfred Amooh is the executive president of this God ministry.  The heart beat of this ministry is out prayer ministy known as “IN GOD’s PRESENCE PRAYER AND PRAISE MINSTRY”.

Out gospel literature through this ministry is reaching the masses around the world.


Jesus Crusade Embassy Church in Buffalo New York is a non-denominational Pentecostal/Evangelistic fellowship of believers in Christ. This is a local church ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, which believes and serves Jesus as Savior and Lord.  In this body of believers everyone is considered as the disciple of the Son of God Jesus Christ.  This is also a local church where by the direction of the Holy Ghost and the Word of God is the center of their lives.  It is the Holy Ghost who teaches and takes His disciples into the depths of the truth of God’s Word. 

Jesus was born by the Holy Spirit of God to bring God’s might revival to Upstate New York lead in the foot prints of Rev. Charles Finny.  This church ministry also belies in the angelic ministry among the people of God.  Again, this church believes that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.
Alfred Johnson Gyapanin Amooh, Senior Overseer

Jesus Crusade Evangelistic Association

Jesus Crusade Embassy Church Inc.

Jesus Crusade Church International - Mankessim Central Region Ghana

Jesus Crusade Church International is a non-denominational, Apostolic, Pentecostal/Evangelistic local church of believers in Christ.

This is a believer’s assembly where Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God is forever Savior and Lord.  Where the power of the word of God and the Holy Spirit is demonstrated.  We believe in miracles and healing.  This assembly believes that everyone in Christ is not only a member, but a disicple of Jesus Christ to make other disciples unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

Alfred Johnson Gyapanin Amooh, Senior Overseer

Jesus Crusade All Nations Ministries Word Outreach Center, South London, UK

“and Jesus began to say unto them: This day is the scripture (prophesy) fulfilled in your ears.” Luke 4:21. It was a Saturday evening in 1983 when the servant of God Alfred Gyapanin Amooh was invited to be a special guest speaker by a young African-American Archbishop of the Ethiopian Coptic Orthodox Christian Church at 8th Avenue in the west side of Harlem New York named Nathaniel Williams.  It was a blessed night service.  After the servant of the Lord Alfred had completed ministering, an elderly sister, prophetess from Jamaica West Indies began prophesizing: “Servant of God, when are you returning to your church in South London, United Kingdom?”.  “I have not church in London.” Alfred replied.  The prophetess answered “Yes you have a great church in London.  I see you doing great ministry in United Kingdom, ministering to the English, the Spanish, and other nationalities.”.  She added “I see you doing ministry even to the Queen and the young family members of the monarchy.  This will happen before the Queen dies.”.

The servant of God, Alfred pondered this prophesy upon his heart.  Divinely covered since 1983, servant of the Lord Alfred Amooh, lead by the Spirit of the Living God believed, as the mother of Jesus did when the angel Gabriel spoke to her, and the Elephant/Castle South London United Kingdom ministry was born in January 19th, 2020.

This local ministry works with the Latin community, the young, and widows of Great Britain.  God bless and save the Queen.  God bless the people of Great Britain, and that the people of this country, and all Europe be saved, and that Jesus Christ our Lord shall reign forever. 


In God's Presence Prayer and Praise Center

This Prayer Ministry was given to brother Alfred Amooh at the age of 21.  Alfred dreamed the dream of Jacob.  He dreamed he was traveling in a forest. He got tired from his journey and decided to rest the night in the forest, having his hand on a stone as a pillow.  As he rested, the heavens opened, and angels began to ascend and descend, and in the dream he heard a voice through the heavens say “Now you have been in the presence of God, and you shall build an alter unto him, and he shall hear you and others.”  This beloved alter is a contact point where God and his servants can meet.  The alter is built so from wherever you are you can be part of this alter.

A daily 4AM to 6AM prayer dairy is designed for you to record your experience with God in this 2 hour fellowship “Draw close to God and he shall draw close to you” James 4:8.