Covering the Earth with the Glorious Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the Lord Jesus Christ

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Read about our history, purpose, and calling to preach the powerful Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all so that they may received salvation for they soul.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has opened many opportunities to spread the Good News of the Gospel to all in need, and to show His goodness to all. Please read about each ministry we have been privledged to serve.

We invite our friends, families, and all believers in Christ in Buffalo, Lockport, and the Upstate New York area to register for a free 3 month preparion in ministry biblibal course. Your life destiny will never be the same.  Click Here for more information


Browse through the many Heaven and Biblically inspired literature that will enrich and bless your spirit and soul with the mighty Word of God.

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Commanded by the Lord God to cover the earth with the spoken word of God and the healing power of Jesus Christ.  In that we are to build the Kingdom and the Throne of God in the heart of every man

Sixty Million Souls Ministry